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OsaSync will be discontinued in 2018.
Registering, license extension or subscription renewal is not possible anymore.
Technical support is still available until the end of your subscription period.
OsaSync will continue to run, also after your subscription period has ended.

Our website will be discontinued in May 2018. Our technical support and faq pages will still be available on

We recommend SimpleSYN as an alternative for OsaSync.
Itís cheaper then OsaSync and the company offers a discount of 25% for OsaSync customers. SimpleSYN can be tested 30 days for free.
Use the coupon code OsaSync during the order process (25% off).

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Download OsaSync PRO 9.2

Downloading, installation and configuration of OsaSync

If you have previously installed ODIR or OsaSync Lite while you now are going to install OsaSync PRO then make sure to first uninstall ODIR or OsaSync Lite.

To download, install and configure OsaSync PRO do the following:

  1. Click the Download Now button corresponding with your Outlook version here below.

  2. Choose save to disk if your browser prompts you and select a download location on your hard disk.

  3. For a detailed description on installing OsaSync see the Getting started page.

    Installation summary:
    Make sure you are logged on as an Administrator or as a user with sufficient rights to install programs and start the installation process by double-clicking the saved file.
    The OsaSync setup process will start and guide you through the installation. 
    Unless you have downloaded OsaSync PRO and want to configure OsaSync PRO to run in Client-Server mode or in Cloud mode, you have to install the program in a SHARED folder or disk. OsaSync uses temporary files to exchange outlook information between computers so other computers have to be able to 'see' these files.

  4. If you run Outlook with OsaSync for the first time you can expect a message from your firewall asking if you want to allow OsaSync.exe to be able to access your local network. Please answer Yes.
  5. That's it for now on your first computer. 
    Now copy the file OsaSyncPROSetup to your other computers and also install OsaSync on those computers.

  6. Configuring OsaSync by running the OsaSync connection wizard..

    For a detailed description on using the connection wizard see the Getting started page.

    Connection wizard summary:
    If you are logged on as an administrator make sure to log off and logon again as the OsaSync (PRO) user.
    Start the OsaSync connection wizard by clicking the OsaSync connection wizard icon on your desktop or choose from the windows start menu: Programs- Outlook PRO - OsaSync connection wizard.
    The OsaSync connection wizard will guide you through the process of configuring OsaSync for sharing or for synchronizing with other computers in your network.

    Note: All OsaSync operations are logged to log files in the folder C:\ProgramData\OsaSync. If the logged on OsaSync user has no Write access to this folder this will result in errors and the connection wizard won't run. See here how to solve this.

  7. Run the OsaSync connection wizard on the other computers in your network.

  8. You are done and can start synchronizing Outlook items with other computers in your network by starting Microsoft Outlook.

    Note: If the logged on OsaSync user has no Administrator rights it is possible that OsaSync doesn't start when Outlook is started. To solve this follow step 4 outlined here.

Uninstall information

  1. In Windows go to System - Apps and features (or in Control Panel - Programs and features - Uninstall and change)
  2. In the list of programs select OsaSync Pro
  3. click the button Uninstall

Multi language

OsaSync supports multiple languages. The current versions supports English, Dutch. German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Before downloading please read our EULA

Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 Outlook 2007, 2010 Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003

OsaSync for Outlook 2016**

OsaSync for Outlook 2013**

OsaSync for Outlook 2007 and 2010
(version 9.2.1)

OsaSync for Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003

** If you are running Outlook 2013 on a 32-bit Windows version (Win7, Vista or XP) then install the OsaSync version for Outlook 2007/2010. OsaSync for Outlook 2013 and 2016 only runs in 32-bit Office on a 64-bit Windows version.



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